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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Irst update

What exactly is an "Irst update??" you may be asking yourselves... It's what you get when I try to type on an iPhone! Night zero, Sunday night, found me falling asleep before midnight (lame), and last night, we didn't get in to Harrisonburg until after 11pm. While the hotel had interneb available via Ethernet cords, the need for sleep and the need to fix the car/pack/get dressed for costume day trumped bloggig. Please see the title of my previous post :). Anyway, all of that aside, I will update you on our progress to the best of my ability. I apologize in advance for the lack of photos in this post, the iphone's automatic spelling check/suggestions that may nob be right (see?), and he general awkwardness encoutered when typing with nothing but one's thumbs.

Night zero found us first traveling to Pbiladelphia for lunch (Jim's Steaks on Fourth and South!)... Two "whiz wit" and one "whiz witout" were procured and dispatched in short order. Some kind stranger gave us the remainder of his parking meter time (outright handed us his reciept! Must not have been from philly!), and we met a few other BABE participants walking down the street! We continued to the Thwaite's home in Mullica Hill, NJ to meet up with a few other teams and do some work on the Buick. Jim put a spot weld on our exhaust so it would t fall apart, and Ben installed new front shocks on the Buick. When we headed out to the hotel, we checked in, registered for the rally, and met up with friends new and old, including the team from South Street. Ben went to work on the kitty litter bucket stereo, I bailed on the parking lot fun (after handing out baked goods... because that's what I do). Fast forward to

the next morning: up and at 'em, ready to go!! We convened atthe parkig lot where I continued to hand out baked goods and we caught up with a few teams of friends who made it in rather late on night zero :). The challenge sheet was handed out, and we were off!

Day one photo challenges:
1 flying French flag with a teammate in the photo. Had to be a real flying flag, not a postcard or sticker, and it was not allowed to be the white flag of surrender (the event organizer is English)

A US Naval ship with the name clearly in view

1 sign or building with "Churchill" on it. Bonus points for 4.

4 Toyota Priuses with Obama stickers

3 State troopers from 3 different states

A Lamborghini Murcielago - half points for the tin top, full points for the roadster, top iPod down (up or down, silly iPhone)

a license plate with two words. Must be a real vanity plate - "Jesus Saves" doesn't count.

Long story short: team spirit of '76, team unintended acceleration, and team moustache bonanzathon, a little creative skill, and a little creative interpretation of the challenge (loose vs strict interpretation) and team spirit of '76 and team moustache bonanzathon are the only teams awarded full points!! Don't know why team unintended acceleration didn't get full pints since they had everything we did. Hi, typo. Trust me, they had full PINTS; they just weren't awarded full POINTS.

Hmm... What else... Well, we blew out our rear shocks and ben did a roadside wheel change so that the enormous tires in the back wouldn't rub as badly. In the course of the day, we also obtained a CB radio, which is coming in quite handy... We are now In the middle of day 2, aka costume day!! You'll have to check in later to be fully updated on our journey to Oz (Newport, Tennessee), but in the meantime, check ben's facebook page and our friends Felix and Mike's page: www.twopointoh.com - two very funny guys with more tech savvy and more sarcasm than I can muster :). Should make for a very entertaining read!

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  1. I am fully impressed by your iPhone blogging, and laughed out loud at some of the typos.

    Awesome to hear that you're co-leaders with Krikor's team.