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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Car Progress

The Buick Skylark we purchased, soon to be known as "The Lamberton Firelark", is still not inspected.  It needs new springs, a legal exhaust system, and... some decorations.  Oh, yes.  The car may be featured on this year's t-shirt, but that doesn't mean that's what it's going to look like!

We're thinking something like this on the hood. 

... Stay Tuned for more!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well hello there...

...and welcome to our blog! While 'the traveling Lambertons' might be a bit redundant, as we are known to go on some slightly random adventures (I meant to put a link to Ben's thread on our Nova Scotia adventure here, but since the forum on which that was posted recently changed software, the archived threads have yet to be moved over), we thought this would be a good way to keep in touch with family and friends as we see what life has to offer us!

Up first, at least in this official telling of our travels: BABE 2010, Team "Spirit of '76"

Team Members:
Dodd "The Father" Lamberton

Ben "No, I promise, it's a really good idea! We'll have fun!!" Lamberton

and Kate "Holy Cannoli, WHAT did I get myself into???" Lamberton

The Beauteous Chariot in which we shall conquer the South... or something...: (Please pay no mind to Dale in the background. We bought the car from him, and he is yet another reason that, should we have a female child, Ben will not let me name her "Dale". Ever. Super nice guy though! Also, pay no attention to the advertised price. Ben negotiated it into BABE-worthy territory ($500 or less!))

And, of course, The Event: BABE 2010

Those of you in the know may be aware that, under normal circumstances, BABE stands for "Big Apple to Big Easy". An unfortunate last-minute closing (debt-triggered sale) of the traditional starting point, The Staten Island Hotel, has changed this year's starting point to Philadelphia. We will now be running the "Brotherly Affection to Big Easy" rally, complete with the promise of friends new and old, great American scenery, broken down cars, camaraderie, new experiences, good food, and good fun...
So, as we finish our preparations in this final few weeks before the rally... you know, things like "make sure the car has a legal exhaust system", "replace the leaf springs that make the back sag worse than a ... something really saggy", and "just who from The Wizard of Oz WILL we dress as??" (I've got dibs on Dorothy!  Each team needs one, and luckily for us, I happen to have two X chromosomes, so unless Ben and/or Dodd decide to be one of the witches or Auntie Em, there will be no cross-dressing in the South this year!)... we will keep you posted, both with progress and setbacks... but let's hope for the former and let the fun begin!!!